"I hope to offer a supportive environment that
empowers the client to look at 'how' they
are living their life and reflect on whether this is what they want or, what they think they should be doing."


Initial Session

 It is important to have an initial session to explore your
issue and discover if I am the right therapist for you. It is really important that you feel comfortable and able to open up honestly in order to get the best results from your therapeutic journey.

During our first session we will also:

  • Discuss the problem you're  presenting
  • Look at what you feel you need or what you want to achieve
  • Consider the best way I can  help you

Working Together

 If you feel comfortable working with me we can then make a therapeutic contract to work together. I tend to work in six week blocks. This is a recognised effective timeframe to work therapeutically within. We then have a review and decide what the best next action is. For some it is to contract for another six, for some another two or three are agreed and at times as we are approaching our sixth session we are aware that there has been a resolution to the issue and a final session is planned.At all times you are in charge and we can review how we are working together at any point. Everyone experiences the counselling process differently, there are no exact timeframes of when you ‘should be better’ this is a very individual process that I will support you through.