I believe that my clients have the answers to ease whatever anxiety or chaos they may be experiencing"




What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy offers the opportunity to explore the origins and roots of the difficulties you are experiencing in life today. We will work together to understand and untangle your feelings and behaviours, discovering a better understanding of the lifestyle choices you are making. This process will help you review your way of living, and the choices you are making. You will then have the opportunity to lead a more true and authentic life.


What is Counselling?

Counselling is a more problem solving based approach and our sessions offer you an opportunity to explore your issues in a non judgmental supportive environment.


Do I Need to Know Which Approach I Want?

No, as I use an eclectic approach in my practice, this means I can adapt my skills to the needs of individual clients rather than the client having to adapt and fit into my approach. How we work together will develop organically during our sessions.


I work with both brief solution focused therapeutic approaches and open ended long term basis. I have extensive experience working with addictions using the 12 step model alongside more traditional approaches to counselling.